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After India’s Historic Win Virat Kohli’s Nagin Dance Cannot Miss



We all are celebrating the historic win by India over Australia, in the Test Series after 72 years. due to the massive downpour, India was denied a 3-1 win, but they emerged victorious by 2-1.

Virat Kohli along with his army of Risabh Pant,Pujara and others marched towards this incredible victory creating history.

Although touring Australia twelve times for the Test Series, India made their dream come true, when under Captain Virat Kohli they lifted the trophy, they wanted for so long.

During this test series in Australia, the Indian Cricket team showed their best performance and zeal in both the batting and bowling spheres. They were outstanding in fielding too.

Team India celebrated their win against Australia team when they broke into an impromptu dance in the team hotel.

Captain Virat Kohli was there too giving his best best by doing the ‘Naagin Dance’ moves.The players and the supporters also danced on ‘Mere Desh Ki Dharti’.

Check out this video.

After wins team india, the whole team is ecstatic. Their happiness has no bounds, and Captain Kohli confirmed that this celebration will continue for the whole night,since there is no morning alarms and Test Series to wake up to.

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